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propolis extract 85

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This product is made with 100% Brazilian Green Propolis (considered one of the best of the world) and highy concentrated.

It is obtained from controlled raw propolis, collected in areas free of contamination, using up to date technologies like nano-filtration, developed to maximize the extraction process and reach high concentrations.

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This product is produced based on neutral alcohol and is more concentrated than our Strong Type 55% or any product in the market (dry propolis extract over 40%).

Alcohol is still considered the best solvent of propolis; that can maximize the extraction of the most quantities of biological compounds with action in our body.

The concentration of alcohol is this product is low because the technology involved.

The contents of Artepillin C and other phenolic compounds are very high either.

It is Wax Free, which means it does not stick in the container when mixed with water or other liquids, as normally propolis extracts do.

RESTRICTIONS: Propolis sensitive people should not use the product.

RECOMMENDATIONS OF USE:Our recommendations of use are show below is only for reference.

Depending on the age, weight and body response it could be increased or decreased.

External use - to apply directly on the affected area, properly clean and dry.

Internal use: Adults: 15 drops, till 03 time a day.

It can be ingested pure or with tea, water, honey or juice.

Children: (over 5 years old) half of the dose.


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