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Raw Honey with watercress 290g

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The Honey with propolis, watercress and eucalyptus is an excellent expectorant and combats cough effectively, because it joins the watercress, a long time used in the feeding and traditionally recognized by its action of fluidifying the superior aerial roads, the eucalyptus that works as an antiseptic and the propolis which is a natural anti bacterial.

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The presence of the honey provides a pleasant flavor and benefits the organism with its properties.

The watercress, scientifically called Nasturtium officinale, is a small original aquatic or semi-aquatic plant of Europe and that is well acclimatized in Brazil. Its fresh stems and leafs are eatable, it has characteristic smell and bitter flavor, slightly spicy.

Present in its constitution are the essential oil (pheniletile iso sulfocyanat), mineral salts (P, Fe, I, S and Ca), sulfur heterosids, vitamins (A, B2, D, C, and PP), glycosides (glyconasturnin) and bitter principles.

It has notable bio-availability of sulfur in its molecule.

The watercress composition allows the following functions: stimulant, tonic, healing, depurative, anti-inflammatory, decongestant, digestive, diuretic and antiscorbutic (rich in C vitamin).

RECOMMENDATIONS OF USE: Adult: 01 tablespoon 03 times a day.

Child: 01 spoon dessert 03 times a day.


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