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HoneyWorld Manuka UMF 16+ with 23 Carat Gold 500g + FREE Premium Manuka UMF 15+ 500g

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Get one free bottle of HoneyWorld Premium Manuka UMF 15+ 500g with every purchase of HoneyWorld Manuka UMF 16+ with 23 Carat Gold 500g.

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HoneyWorld® Manuka UMF 16+ with Gold is an exclusive and limited edition blend of UMF® 16+ Manuka honey and 23 carat gold powder. The gold powder sourced from Italy are LGA certified and is 100% edible, pure and biologically inert.

Manuka Honey is an amber coloured honey with its strong and aromatic flavor from the white blooms of the Manuka Tree. Manuka honey with a UMF 15+ packaged in an amber PET food grade bottle. UMF LICENSE NUMBER 1188. Product of New Zealand.

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