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Frequently Asked Questions


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes we do, kindly choose the specified country in the drop-down list. Please ensure to state your desired postal code thereafter, the delivery fee will be charged accordingly during checkout. 

Minimum purchase of $150 and above to enjoy free shipping locally except Sentosa area.

Our preference will be to hear from you on what your health needs are so that we can recommend better, please send your enquiry through Contact Us. But as a general rule of thumb, out of the main categories of products that we have, Honey is good for immunity; Royal Jelly for youth and vitality; Propolis for anti-viral and anti-inflammation; and Bee Pollen for energy and stamina.

We have 300 to 400 different product SKUs, so it will be difficult to list them all out. However, most mini honey is halal. Products from Thailand and Malaysia are halal, and a significant portion of HoneyWorld branded products are halal as well. You can check with us separately on them.

Both refers mainly to the texture. “Raw” will generally be more grainy and gritty while “Premium” is more flowy. Also “Raw” retains more enzymes because of less processing.

Methylglyoxal (MGO) is one of the chemical markers of manuka honey. Comparably, UMF® measures more because apart from MGO measurements, it also covers additional testing of authenticity markers of the Mānuka Honey such as Leptosperin, DHA and HMF etc…

In general, this will be the conversion between MGO and UMF:

UMF5+ equivalent to MGO83

UMF10+ equivalent to MGO263

UMF15+ equivalent to MGO514

UMF20+ equivalent to MGO829

You can reach out to separately if you are contemplating bulk orders.

You can earn reward points when you place an order after log in. $1 spent = 1 reward point

Collect a minimum of 100 reward points to get $1 rebate in your next purchase by inputting “Enter reward points to use” during check out.

100 reward points = $1 rebate

200 reward points = $2 rebate