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JAPANESE Royal Jelly + Collagen Capsules 180'S


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Royal Jelly

HoneyWorld® JAPANESE Royal Jelly + Collagen Capsules 180'S

  • $230.00

Product Description

With the combination of 10% collagen and 90% royal jelly, this little capsule elevates the power of firming the skin and restores our natural beauty once again.
Each capsule contains a minimum of 5% HDA (equivalent to 7% of freeze dried royal jelly).
Certified to be chloramphenicol free.
Made with speed assimilation vegetable capsules.
180 capsules for 6 months.
Product of Japan.
As you may be aware of, collagen is part of the natural support structure of our skin (most abundant form of protein in our body).
Wrinkles form when its natural collagen thins.
This loss is mostly a factor of aging, but sun exposure, pollution, health, heredity, and lifestyle also play a role.
With the popularity of Japanese royal jelly capsules, this new capsule is a breakthrough in the skincare industry. This product may not be suitable for asthma and allergy sufferers.


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